I want to speak to those too ashamed to voice that they feel alone, unseen and  forgotten/misunderstood. To give a voice to those that struggle to voice and identify their pain, while helping them rise from its depths. To those that feel judged, scorned and ashamed by their worst moments, and help them realize it’s just a moment regardless how few or many. I hope to open peoples eyes to prison to keep them from coming or coming back. I was a state ward with a mom incarcerated and father deceased. I went from the streets to the suburbs to college to prison. I escaped one statistic to fall to the other. The 2 pros to this con is that I’m alive and I’ve learned, the best thing about pain is the growth in it, so I hope to share mine through motivational speaking and performance poetry.


I am currently an inmate at the NE Dept of Corrections. Although all content is mine, the site is fully run by friends via my letters and writings. I hope to motivate and inspire people through my writings, my poetry or as I call it, “floetry”.

I would love to hear from you directly. Feedback on my writings will only help me get better over time. And right now, all I have is time.   If you would like to write me, my address is:

Russell Wardlow # 78756

Omaha Correctional Center

2320 East Ave J.

P.O. Box 11099

Omaha, NE 68110

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