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I went thru hell, so I could know heaven had to be down, so I could get up yea I went left, so I could see right hated the day, fell in love with the night had to live darkness, to make it to light never understood peace, until I would fight how can you know love, if you don't know hate if you don't have fear, how can you be brave freedom is a word, until you're a slave had to stay real, so I could see fake I've always been hot-heated, because my heart is cold you can not have dreams, if you don't have hope time feels distant, when no one is close my mind stays open, but every door is closed you being you, makes me me had to make good, so bad can be had to break the law, just to right my wrongs I knew right from wrong, but your right is wrong since you value contradiction, opposites attract so tradition is fiction, and opinion is fact for every 2 eyes there's 2 sides