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Realize I define Defy when I speak Defy, I defied the tides of this sea Denied, my reply, I'm tied to this dream! Defiant, a lion, alive, I don’t sleep Aligned with defiance, a light when I think Like science, I’ve tried it, and I’m on the brink Poseidon’s trident on my side, waters subside, I won’t sink Collide with the skies like I’m flying, Orion, I’m dying to meet Like a pilot defying my peak Defying Goliath, with Defy as my rock, tied to a sling It seems, We all been lost in the dark Trying to find truth in the light Yet we are blinded by sight Stuck in denial until we realize Pain is real life! Body language incites and ignites The changing of minds So we can either fade in time Or stand tall, climb out our disguise and defy