A Movie Moved Me

A Movie Moved Me I heard this movie line that said, ” you are always looking in the past, you won’t find me there, I’m here” and it made me think, what am I looking for, what am I chasing, and I realized none of it could be found in my past, regardless if it was founded on that past…so I had to move forward, but how? #1 got comfortable identifying my emotions and sharing them #2 found something higher than myself #3 saw beyond what I look at #4 embraced more than what I touched #5 honest with myself until it hurts, because truth and pride can’t coexist This helped me get my mind focused on being the father and man I want to be now not later. Things I learned during this evolution of self is #1 people don’t have enough patience or humility to be both student and teacher, or they are too blind to perceive the advantages of both, so they can only be one or the other #2 people don’t have a real grip for the non material(spiritual) impact on life, they are so surface and self absorbed, and end up in the same cycle #3 people don’t understand that words speak reality, they will either heal or harm ourselves, others, and our outlook Now, I’m looking forward, I’ve found everything there —

Pioneer Trailblazer Icon Mogul Activist Humanitarian Philanthropist All public servants in their own ways, whether serving you respite from the stresses of life or allies fighting for and with you navigating the human condition and inequalities. These are all things that we either aspire to be, or people that inspire us. We can all be that and more, with Belief and Understanding. Belief in ourselves, and Understanding where those Beliefs can take us. How they can drive us and build a foundation to which we can architect monumental platforms that bridge gaps, create unity, and serve people. Because that’s what leadership is all about, a position of service from a vantage point that can look out beyond and reach out even further than most. Let’s say you held out your hand, turned your palm facing up and open…what do you see in your hand? The wrong answer is ‘nothing’. The cliché overly optimistic answer is ‘opportunity’. But with a little Understanding of physics, then you would know that because of gravity weighing down on you, that you are actually holding the world…the weight of the world is in your hand. It’s called cosmic displacement, the universe made a space for you to insert your hand out into it, and now you are in fact, holding the world. If you Believe that, then what you now have and can begin to Understand is, the truth and impact of Perception, Power, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding. Perception creates our reality, Power is in the eye of the beholder, and the triage of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding are the vital routes that direct us throughout life. If you can fathom your existence, and Understand the impact that you can have, and Believe in that Power that you wield, strong enough to hold the weight of the world, then with that empowered Perception of your reality you can begin to value yourself, your voice, and the might of your hand even more and in doing so, affect change. Who you are, what you have to say, and the works performed by your hand are what we are voting for to be represented the best way possible, and the only way we can make a change, is to become that Power, that force and might of change in your community. That’s why it is important to vote, not with a cult-like blind loyalty of one party, but of our conscience, independently, because no one party has every answer, in most ways, they will fail us, so we vote for what we know of our own needs. It starts in our states, voting on the grass roots level for those that will lead and represent us where we live then throughout our country. You have to Believe and Understand the Power in your hand, and the importance of that Perception, then you can improve on your reality. Remember, if that palm can bear the world’s weight, then it can also help to carry on the movement for change, for human unity…humanity. Succumbing to pressures, both unseen and unknown, are a contradiction of life, because we defy those pressures and limits everyday just with our being. Knowledge- know the ledge, if you don’t know that you are standing by a ledge then you will fall Wisdom- wise dominion, knowing why it is that you are where you are, know your purpose and impact And Understanding- to stand under, to view what lays in front of you, you must be able to look beyond it so you know where it came from, you must be able to stand under and see the roots, in order to be able to properly stand over and appreciate the things you see, the surface tells us nothing more than what it appears to us as These are ancient concepts of wisdom that contemplate existence, which are at the root of every society philosophy organization and religion. Those people that hold those titles which inspires us to aspire to be, have realized their power, instead of seeking to be like them, why not inform ourselves by discovering our Power. Aspire to be those titles, not the people that wield them, because our Power is our own, no one else’s, so let’s make sure that we represent ourselves everyday by who we truly are in the newly acquired Knowledge of what we are, have, and can become, while not allowing those in Power to misrepresent who we are, what we need and are capable of. We are everything but speechless, voiceless, and Powerless. Just open your hand, and if you Believe, then you will see, and with that new Perception, you’ll Understand. Now you’ve become an Active Visionary, putting what you see into action, manifesting your beliefs while in service to the human condition, otherwise known as an Activist. We can all take action and make impacts in our own way. Even from a prison cell “Some say you have to see to believe, but I say you need to believe it to see, because what is in a blind man’s hands is whatever he believes it to be”-WayOfLife/YoungR.U.S.S.


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