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You never knew me how could you? I didn't.. I was never drawn to you you weren't broken enough I acknowledge and welcomed your presence even recognized your dialect I've spoken many different tongues myself- like love pain naivete and even ignorance just not privileged cultured in my own ways I suppose I've been around though not far, but far enough to know- we spoke a different language from a time split by experiences instead of years I code switched and spoke your language to fit in yet when I spoke my language- I was sore thumbs we trek from two different worlds you run from the things I embrace denying the realities I know exist how could we coexist intimately in a shared space when our philosophies would clash and crash because frankly I've seen it all yet still I seek and even question in places where no light creeps but you're still scared of the dark entertaining bed time stories about my life experiences no, you never knew me, truthfully you never wanted to because we all innately fear what we don't understand and you will never understand me it would tarnish your outlook- like a kid finding out Santa was a hoax so why would I entertain fear especially now that I'm living free of it my life is more museum to people like you feel free to exhibit but keep your distance and don't touch!