Aye God

God, I feel like a little boy the way you pick me up I pray to you, my favorite 'pick me up' I stray from you, but never get enough I run right back, I feel like I'm in love I remember you rendered me physically weak in the midst of your spirit that creep into and entered me, see I could doubt you no longer the depth of that break down, rose me up even stronger can I talk to you about my lifestyle I'm not the same when the lights out life is dark and full of waves, and I know you are my lighthouse but I see my illuminated shame when its bright out yet you still love me, you never yell, you watch me and believe I will fix it you have unshakable faith, I want that too but jaded by vision I can't see as deep as you can without your holy prescription though I try, my pride is another sin I've committed judgement is another, I digress, that job is only yours I share my heart with so many afflictions, but its supposed to be only yours I try to take back and side entrances, but you're the only door they only reason I humbly drop my knees on the floor And I don't have to beg, God you already know what I want but always at the right time you provide just what I need I want to get out of prison, but I know I'm a service here I figured that out realizing that prison is a platform, and I can serve you here God, finally knowing you kinda gets me giddy realizing there's much more to life, so excuse me, I gotta get busy!


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