Changed for the Worse

Prison helps you fall quicker than rise...

Normalcy becomes chaos

Impassivity becomes rage.

He now dances in the misery of rain

He thrives in the torturous contortions that fuel his agony

Amused by tears now..

As if they are of another world he once knew

He reaches out to touch one and then quickly snaps out of his reverie!

No place for compassion within the midst of a riot

He sleeps soundly in the welcoming arms of calamity

He has stands stoic

He loves the adrenaline rush-ion roulette of self inflicted wounds

Time refined his masochism, anything to feel again

He stands numb

He plots the casualty of kinship

Preferring to dine alone at his table of destruction

His misery prefers no company

Solitary madness, he drinks down tragedy until drunken

He sharpens the teeth of pain

Because its all he knows, because love doesn't live here

To live, he had to adapt..he just got lost even sooner

Deep inside this Sado-masochistic sanctuary

He, like so many more, changed for the worse in prison.


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