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Dancing in my head

May lie in my bed scrolling thru lies in my head should I deny or confess or try and finesse when I reply because eyeing your texts is like pie in the sky I try to ingest I digress my life is a... I shouldn't try- adding my time to your chest putting your heart beat under duress I rather be wise keeping my 'why's' to my chest suppressed darkening this truth from the light it reflects I think I know why we connect you're so much more, yet you know what its like being less sudden truths may produce a rise in our stress surprised how you rise despite when most would fall to their demise, from life's bitter tests purpose is perfect timing at best but forget time, to most, it's just confining I bet therefore, meeting you, I'll just describe it as blessed here's to, poetic descriptions if, Rose is your blush, then, Violet your dress now may I have this dance as I figure out how to confess