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Disturbing my Peace

Unpredictable that's the thing about prison how was I supposed to know what I'd be walking into believing it'd be a peaceful and rejuvenating experience but within one swift second that belief quickly faded and became traumatic I opened the curtain walked in, unassuming and there it was looking at me right in the eyes as I looked right into its eyes Ahhh! boosie, go get some bleach from the C.O. for me real quick! (the C.O. arrives) "what do you need it for?" and as the water ran I stood there naked sliding back the curtain then said, "don't look at my cheeks! but look!" pointing right at it, he met eye contact with its obvious appearance as if in bold black size 72 font letters on a manilla back drop A BOOGER! mucousy green with traces of bright red blood! he came back with the needed chemical spray bottles my homeboy in the next shower, offering up his shower he was close to getting out but defiantly, I stood my ground not willing to be ran out by anyone or anything this is my spot! I've never ran from nothing! and as I sprayed, it jumped like a grass hopper! and I let the whole shower have it! inch by inch, with the bottle on jet stream I shot like I was surrounded by enemies from floor to ceiling indiscriminately redemption my homeboy left saying, "I'm not gon' lie, it do smell good though" Young Resilient Under Stressful Situations won again but...fml, I hate prison showers! I wanna go home! the shit I go through and I'll never know who did it! smh never kNOw peace

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