Don't Blink

I seen it all like my mirror don't blink I think my eyelids are an island that "sinked" I think I I'm drowning, am I lost at sea? I live through nightmares, 'tha fuck is a dream?!' loyal deceit, kills the royal in me keep my composure, I won't let them see I pray for silence, but that's when they plot yea I got issues! I been through a lot beyond that parking lot is a life I've forget the state takes your time, but you give what you got your kids miss your time, now they grow up in pictures your girl leaves your side because she can't deal with distance then she sexes your homie or your family member go figure now you feel offended no one comes to visit now you're on the yard and get extra defensive you're miserable, its war time, you with it you Starve for attention that's famine, your family forgets ya.. new family in prison if you're indecisive, prison will make your decisions there's no escape, the state makes you victim until you're evicted you leave with your hands up, you feel like a victor until you remember...all of those visions

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