eh mhm!

I admit, I still hurt inside I still struggle with finding the source of where most of my pain derives I still try to act like I got it all figured out, my most proud lie They confuse something being wrong if I'm silent because I'm viewed as the loud type I'm a convict, proud of my conquest, and all I've accomplished fought my past, but it was no contest can't plead no contest because I was viewed guilty far before I had to accept my guilty conscience A failed father, my kids have never truly felt my love One has never felt my hug, and the other doesn't remember too much A failed boyfriend, I don't think I can ever truly settle down No longer boyish, I respect women to a whole new level now And value conversation more than the thought of dressing them down Explaining that to a woman, hmm, how'd that sound? I'm no misogynist but I'm a man, so the sad part is that it isn't so obvious I know I can learn more from one woman than a group of men but what woman would want life with a man that rather not be surrounded by a group of men so many stereotypes I've been grouped in getting a job was just as hard before my felony- I know too much now...I only wish I knew then


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