From Rags to Ranks

From rags to ranks Humvees and tanks Ships, submarines and planes Keeping our freedoms safe There is never enough thanks For the ways of the brave Fierce yet fameless, a forgotten face A sacrificial heart, enduring a mind that may break The losses of comrades, the reality of mortality, how much can you take Not enough done to procure the flowers before they wilt inside the vase When I'm yawning, your bed is already made Not a thread or lace out of place I salute your valor on and off base To all who've fought valiantly for freedom regardless of politics, I give my full-hearted Thanks

-Inspired by my big cousin, SirWayne Wardlow, one of my silent Heroes- There can be more done for our vets, while coming out to mediocre opportunities, sacrifice and heroics become cliché. The system needs vetting, capitalism shouldn't dilute heroism. In war, in the military, America.. Americans, are the consumers, the benefactors...if the business world and politics reward the contributors, than why not America better reward its shouldn't rule the world if lives brand it..but who am I kidding? To my family specifically, I admire love and respect you, to the countless others, appreciation for the under-appreciated, simply put...Thank you


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