Off the wagon again I took a shot of pride, and cracked it over the head of a shadow, then yelled, 'why are you so shallow?!' I admit I have insecurities I'm still kinda fragile but when it comes to my past I'm fast to act as if I'm ready for battle til I see the shattered glass and realize it reflects me! broken and hollow my mouth open, I swallow gulps of dry air down a strep throat past swollen tonsils my trachea aching, I need a chaser, there's no mistaking I'm allergic to swallowing pride running from truth, while following lies fancy myself a leader yet following lines that lead me straight to troubled abdominal signs- bad 'gut feelings'... and that moment I wretch is the moment you sketched a visual of my regrets same moment I'm stretched and sprawled over my mess bile clinging to my flesh what?! I'm anyone's guess this is how I deal with my stress I'm a paradox, ok? simply-complex death is a promise...but life is the threat and my misery experienced inbetween is the cost from the price that was set so forget it! I rather tilt up, when I feel down hearing that colored river traversing my esophagus is an irresistible sound draining into my spirit, the feeling is almost prophetic how can I regret a cadence that is so poetic I salute and surrender to your potent potion and poignant nature you aren't addiction you're needed, you're necessary, you're priceless, You Are Art paint inside my soul with your brown silky silhouette, slithering the silo of my mouth so seductively I savor the way you satiate my gullet as if a serum soldiered serendipitously by saliva, your solution snaking about so serenely, until I've ingested your sacchrine of Serenity and Beyond! solemn silence summoned, then subsides to siphoned incessant swishes of kinetic formula until sanity, sour sanity, is saturated by a solvent solace, swathing my insides swallowing your depths is both a sacred and sinister covenant that whispers to me like a Siren! Shut up conscience! don't sully my savior! shamelessy soaked in a sin-sated by sensation spurned and spun by a smooth and sweet sage don't be shy she says sanctimony I'm safe now don't save her spare myself that emptiness tilt her up and fill myself, until I dont feel myself be strong and dont struggle submit succubus, yes but her salacious soliloquies, sound so alluring, luring me ever so close... I cant resist you! I grab you! I have you! Victory! You're All Miiine! and with pride I consume you in one gulp! ... then you're all gone?! and I'm still broken! so I break you! then break down! seeing your seeping, shattered shadow, I scream, "Why Are You So Shallow?! I don't get it.. I drank every last bit of you! and I'm still.. hollow


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