Grow like high hopes

You grow like high hopes

fast and courageous

innocent adventurous and youthful,

like a blooming flower bud

my buddy

though you race rush and rave, with reckless abandon

discovering yourself

embracing the danger as adventure

embraced experiences learned from in the most rocky of ways

and like an ever flowing waterfall

tears fill you inside

that you have yet to release

unknowing how, without prompt

ignorance, being more confusion and question,

than bliss

though bliss, all the same

but still you blossom

stretching towards the sun

like great vines lining gigantic leafs

gaining wisdom by the stroke of pastel kissed horizons

and the circumference of chalky glow,

shimmering over the hungry night

where you sleep soundly

away from my arms

with vague and colorful dreams

exempt of my face

though I dream of watching you

warm, safe, and curled up

believing the world is your big jungle gym

as you close those small unjaded eyelids

that conceal big glossy eyes that believe in fairy tales

with an energetic mind

sparked by excited electrical currents

rivaling Zeus' mighty lightening bolts

just beginning to know itself

then you wake

with your sleepy, soft, innocent, vulnerable, and tamed demeanor

ripe in obedience and acquiescence

non combative-as sweet and chill, as a summer's breeze

the sleep built in your eyes-

crust in crevices

like mud from a spring night's drizzle

dried into dirt

by the brilliance of the new day's shine-

now fades and falls

once you've gotten your wits

quaking to the child-like, yet thunderous energy that exudes your being

and you become happy and light

without yesterdays pains weighing on you-

a gift adults lose quick,

even taller and more perceptive

as if more conscious of your faculties

and how you can push them to their new limits

like a superhero testing his powers

you are boundless my son

the world is yours

and as long as no one changes your mind

that truth will never change

then one day,

you will change the world

because you love like,

and look thru the eyes of,


and you grow like high hopes

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