Help a Father out

I called late to talk with my Son, he was already in bed, I asked him to sing to me before he went to sleep after I heard his cute lil yawn. He started singing the whole stanky leg song, we were laughing and I started singing with him, we was grooving together! But on a somber note, before that he told me he went to the zoo. He said he went with his whole family, and he started naming them.."my grandma, my aunt, my uncle, my cousin, my mom, my baby brother, but not you, awww" he sounded so sad after noticing for the first time that I wasn't there but everyone else was. Still, that sad 'aww' echoes in my ear like every time he says "hi daddy!" when he gets on the phone. His name is Treyvan, he turns 6 August 15th! Sadly I also missed my other son Josiah's birthday May 12th and he turned 9! My two favorite and saddest days. So can I ask a favor? If you happen to read this post, can you help me out for his bday and send happy bday wishes letting him know his father loves him, so he can get online and read all the attention/love?! Maybe he can feel his father's love more that way because I can't do much but I try, it's the thought right? Also if y'all can shout out his Mom for even allowing me in his life, because it adds a lot more pressure on mothers. Thank you, even one is enough.


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