Hold on for a sec

If you would be so kind to give me your undivided even if you're undecided even if your other side is uncompliant I'm trying to hold back the Poseidon from under my eyelids I swear I'm trying I'm aware of the time, but I swear that I'm fine, I may not wear it as sized I've had my share of defiance after so long being cast away on this island washed upon the shore of my pride and denial standing in the face of a giant you wouldn't trade my place if you died because it's never safe when you're placed at the base of your mind if you don't know who you are so the what, is of no how, if you don't know how and won't go miles to behold a trove of self reflecting gold- at the end of a tightrope being too scared of the rope going out and that rope is the symbolization of your hope- if fear overcomes, then you have no hope now there are no roads on this island to get a tow and the waves that you face are too big to row uh oh, before developed Stockholm, stranded off the coast, you may go postal now every one sends out posts, but too busy for postcards, and you're too far for postage, but your picture gets posted- although you're in ghost mode now how long before you're forgotten? before they supposedly exhausted all options? and your carcass is considered rotten? and they've stopped watching, for the day that you'll arrive? believing deep inside that you wouldn't survive.. then you arrive, they run to you, surprised with feigned affection, glad you survived though you veer crushed knowing that they moved on you had used mental images of them to hold on but they already let go fighting for life, you had refused to let go believing you were loved and special but you see the specs, the more distance the more you became a spec, where's the respect? they want you to come closer, peering in the beedy eyes of exposed vultures, latching on for sake of their guilt and need of closure, you can no longer hold your composure- heck no! where were you when I needed you?! when clung to your memory?! constantly reminded me that its not you that got me here, kicking a dead horse until you broke your toe and it bled thru that's the only time you felt bad was in reeling from your own pain of reminding me of my pain, that's called shame, but i swear the fury of a redeemed man scorned, hell hath but I don't want any get back, I just want u to get back, I use your rejection as motivation, that I hold onto the neck holding on for too long isn't your forte, I never needed you to stay, I got what I needed when you held on for a sec


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