Holding onto my sanity

I'm holding onto my sanity like a flying trapeze sometimes I lose grip with reality, shy, I'm trying to grieve Living feels so suffocating, it's like I'm dying to breathe I can't tell a dream from a nightmare, but feel more alive while I sleep drifting to the soothing sounds of a hooting owl, that's inside of a tree my window stays cracked open, because inside I feel outside of what's free these moments...I close my eyes and vibe with the breeze though, lonely it seems, when I spend the bulk of those nights on my knees the thunder is calling, lightning igniting the skies the air, thick with moisture, serenated by the whistling wind chimes a nocturnal ambiance, likened to the lightest dark a universal mood set, morbid-like romanticism, the theme of my dying heart ...I pray my shadow never leaves me, my instinct never wilts my 6th sense never haunts me, my self-esteem never spills my heart never tricked, my conscience never lies my voice never hoarse, my eyes never cry my knees never quake, my shoulders never fold my temper never simmers, my skin never cold my sons forever love, their minds never tainted they see life as art, and thrive within their parts in the painting (goodbye)


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