I can't wait to be a person again

I swear! Every day at my job by 11:05 I say, 'J 1 D 19-Lower, 78756, Wardlow' like I'm rapping! Repetition blinds the animals for slaughter. Like damn, all this robotics is designed to dehumanize me and yet send me back to society to full function while being programmed. To hold a people captive, you do not try to empower them, because if they become smarter, then your power will be less effective. They rather us subservient and docile. I heard a quote saying never expect powerful people to teach powerless people how to gain power. Prison breeds mules and sheep, not shepherds. Compliant by repetition, which reconditions, brainwashes and desensitizes our view of self when NAME becomes INMATE NUMBER, Bunk and Location. We are stripped externally and even more internally. I am more item and subject, then person and object. We herd into lines or move in masses back and forth by scheduled prompts like mindless animals. I can’t wait to be a person again.


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