I'm all in now

I'm all in now but I'm fallin down so I'm callin out cause I'm fallin still-

where is the ground? where are you now? when I call your name I don't hear a sound

I fear my voice the echoes tell truths that I am alone alone without you

alone in this room who turned out the lights? I turned around when you turned me down

I closed my eyes tears formed a line the line that I draw a line you still cross

cross out the day the day that we met cross out my picture so you will forget

and can't see me when when you close your eyes and can't hear my voice and can't see me cry

I'm fallin down cause I fell for you I did it on my own but I am your fool

you love the power the power that u have the power you hold over over my head

can't go to sleep I'm slow to speak head over feet cuz I was head over...hills

I am so ill u broke my will those flowers will wilt but I love u still

though your heart is steel starring at our stills those moments that we steal are none of them real

I was just reeled but I can not deal I was your shield but where is my shield

are we stuck in nil would you rather I kneel do you ever feel? when you see me...falling...still?

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