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I’m back!

Here I am world!!! I’m back!! Wooooo! Just received my new tablet after this long ass dragged out Month without my baby (prison tears) but now things are back to normal. I feel like I swallowed a pack of Skittles, Merlot, and Red Bull! Feeling the options, the dapper and the energy! So what am I going to write about now? I don’t know because there’s been a lot on my mind, first off, shout out to my “prison wives” homegirls! Hope all is swell well! Shout out to everyone that don’t have a life like me, get up and do something! Shout out to my long lost brother, he just showed up on my jpay this morning!  The jpay has room for anyone else that wants to email me too, yea I sure don’t get bored and lonely in prison…NOOOOOTTTTT! Shout out to my son’s moms, they still doing a great job, way better than me right, oh and of course MY TWO BOYS JOSIAH AND TREYVAN! I’ve never known anything more beautiful and saucy! Shout out Lauren From Givabeat for seeing to it that I still keep writing by making sure I got a new tablet! Swag!! Not enough big hearts out there but Good thing I have the best ones on my team! Which brings me to the best BAB Deuce Deuce KATIE, You are every bit of inspiration as you are friend and family! Speaking of family, remember that life, happiness, success and love requires a team effort, we can’t all do it on our lonesome. “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success” and OG MLK Jr said “change doesn’t happen on the wheels of inevitability, but through consistent struggle” embrace the struggle yaw, the hardships, the pains and let downs, the break ups and rejection, the distance and the discomfort it brings. Lastly before I leave, the posts about to be more live, so show some love and gravity if it pulls you, spend a few minutes with me and read on and share but if not, I leave you with this, so listen world, “if you live for compliments, you’ll die by criticism”

I’ll break a leg before you break my spirit I’ll break my back before I run from the weight If we break apart, yea, it might break my heart But we can break down from getting too many breaks And where would we go from there World? I have less breaks than drive So ride with me Life, but only if you believe there’s good in the bad, and lets see where this World takes us -WayOfLife- -YoungR.U.S.S.- -ProseofaCon-