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Love Resolve

We are only as great as we allow ourselves to be, who we are can't be determined by what others do, but in what we do, regardless the actions of those we come in contact with we must grow in our faith, ever evolving in our beliefs, and capable of compassion and empathy, not just for a moment, but for a lifetime how can we measure our strength, tolerance, and will if it largely depends on the person or predicament? our resolve and identity can't be periodical, by being consistent in love-giving receiving and seeing-our core truth, we will not know ourselves as flawed and imperfect, but as the perfection of process being able to accept the imperfections and understand the flaws of others, by seeing yourself within that same process, not a part from or above it seeing the perfection in our own process and that of all people's can lead to a wholesome life of love love being the catalyst catapulting your life and resolve if used in its true light, because love is the light.. You are the light