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My Foundation

I never realized until right on time that the only thing I had to prove, was that I had nothing to prove. What a time to be alive, while internally woke, the only misfortune is noticing all those years you've been sleep walking, but that's drowned out with the marvels in the day ahead of you and the mystery in tomorrow. Because true regret motivates, it doesn't impede your potential. Potential is a goal you haven't reached yet, that you rarely speak on. It's a known truth that you use as an excuse to buy time in order to move at your own speed, while distracted by the scenery. Slow motion is only to take notice of detail you neglected, to highlight what was lost in your sight, not to move at the pace of a snail or turtle, sluggish-like, touching everything your hands can reach. We are too diluted, I was too diluted, sluggish and impeded by everything unnecessary, and ignorant to every necessity. Understand true value worth and foundation, otherwise, you will be buried like the pharaohs, adorned with glamour upon decay. With the shallow things you cherished left behind. Don't let your pursuits end lost to memory, chasing the temporary. I've proven my worth by identifying that I have value, and that..is my foundation