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No ChasHer

The way she runs even from me is like she is chased- either away or to be captured but I haven't moved one inch yet she feels, I'm on her heels and somehow she ends back here where she began in my open arms and beating heart- against hers against the world against all Odds Even when she flees I don't give chase because I don't know where it'll take me where it'll take us and neither does she running blind leads to more pain because there'll be a harder fall we can't brace for getting back up won't be as easy as just staying put I offer her space because she'll create it anyway I'll never understand why she never understood why come to find out I'm more answer than obstacle of..Coarse! but she may be gone for too long before she figures that out... sorry, people move on you weren't the only one lonely all along I stood my ground waiting lonely cold I needed warmth and you hadn't come back yet but give me the same respect and don't chase me I found someone that stays go ahead and stay in shape run while I lay idle and Warm from Closeness not Cold from Your Distance

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