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No Words

The judge dropped the gavel his throat full of gravel but time froze he felt hollow he looked at his dad he shook his head solemnly couldn't look at his mom he knew it would break him seeing her cry so his head held high though his knees weakened his mouth clenched unable to speak his face telling a lie body beginning to shutter hearing the words of his defeated mother being her only son she cried out that she loved him but he couldn't say it gripped by her words he tried to say it he just couldn't say that he loved her back but only dictioned it inside his mind seeing the imagery of those words murky and running like his mothers eyeliner but he thought he could muster a bye but he stuttered then stumbled beyond the threshold of the door and as the door shut he finally broke down... he was just sentenced to life and he cried in his shackles like a baby babies can't talk, but their cries can still be understood and that day, that man became a baby and his cries told more than words ever could