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Out the Blue, True Friend, True Sister, True Angel

I started believing in myself cuz u believed in me and if u believe in it then I always think to put my beliefs in it then like the flower blooming from the concrete, I leave it cemented and I've been relentless with my dreams since u woke me up and if my mind is going nowhere fast, u somehow slow me up I've been a man for years but u help to me grow me up becuz at times I fall beneath my potential and u keep me owning up I don't know how u understand me or even how u stand me I really feel like we family if we not, then what is a family therapeutic when I can hear about your life just from this vantage or if we talking prose of a con or talking Randi u see me whole, even tho I'm damaged and when it get too hard, u come in and help me manage u always putting my struggles in perspective with an effortless touch, u easily clear my perception to me, in 31 years you've lived a life of perfection that's including the years and moments you've been prone to regret tho it all worked for the glory of...so u shouldn't regret it the way I view u may be a lil excessive but when preserving a symbol you gotta be protective cuz when u choosing a best friend u gotta be selective and when it comes to getting questions answered I come to u without a question besides the question I've relied on lesser but I never have to worry about that when I head your direction ever since my chipped tooth smile in that clustered colored sweater when your hair touched your Achilles you been the beezneez I was blind and u helped me see things now I can embrace my nature and behold what the breeze brings back since tether ball and loose shoe strings and the infatuation with mood rings when I landed out the blue in two springs you know back when u had hoop dreams I've always known two things that's two deuces and the definition of what 'out the blue' and 'True' means my new life started after I met u though the contrast at first was too much who would've known 20 or so years later this be our story and my new life would start again after we got in touch you are the epitome of Grace and I love you to infinity and beyond!