Paper People

Being paroled has to do with time served and remorse the only flaw in that is most of our acts of remorse is voluntary and not put on record so its a matter of what we say vs what they choose to believe remorse and contrition is only valid within shallow detached parameters they set- which are narrow vague and barely effective programs and avoiding misconduct reports based on petty rules inconsistently enforced depending temperament of c.o.'s they don't hear about our community outreach future goals educational achievements bridging parental gaps mending relationships volunteer peer guidance tutoring and encouragement coordinating inmate ran religions and clubs nor of my friend that secretly takes a vow of silence on the anniversary of the victim of his crime he feels it but they'll never know they rather read a paper not the person pushing soulless unacclimated programs which build walls between us and the walls we wait behind we aren't disconnected paper is the disconnect they are disconnected


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