Pro se Con-tint: Life is worth fighting for

A man asked me to help him get his life sentence commuted. He observed me, listened to me speak about certain issues and a few recent spoken words I've performed in front of outside guests and organizations within the clubs here. From that, he asked that favor, moved by my passion insight. What a compliment to my mission. He needed help writing a cover letter about his life story and prison experience to the governor. I'm helping him fight for another chance at life and he's trusting me with that weight. How do I even measure that importance? Helping a man get back to his family. Often, we all heal by helping others heal...we all find our inner fight, by helping others fight. I was given a semblance of freedom helping a man get his back. No matter what you are trying to do, if it is for the right reasons you find purpose. We all have a purpose, be patient, because a process can't be forced. Friday he meets his engaged, soon to be mother, daughter that was given up for adoption for the first time. She is in her mid-20's and emotionally ready to connect with her father. A life at any point is worth fighting for.


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