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Prose: Creation

Taboo, just because me and my sons' mothers aren't together doesn't mean I can't have a great open committed friendship for the respect of each other and the good of our kids right?! I want that more than anything. Why do people frown on that and act like all breakups or unexpected outcomes spell a permanent dysfunction? Shit just doesn't workout at times, but you can't forget the kids feelings, right? Because they feel more than they know how to communicate. So that's my goal, to be a great and supportive friend of my sons' mothers, maybe we all can come together one day for the sake of our sons. I think it can happen, I've seen it. I'm absent but no dead beat, many parents should seek mutual reconciliation with each other and get out of their own way and feelings because it may stunt the child's growth. All situations are different and take more or less trial and error. There is no right or wrong way as long as you try and make a way.