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Maybe I ask questions because I'm questioned maybe I ask because I question being sequestered within a quotient maybe I ask because some pleas and bargains just aren't worth quoting maybe I ask questions within this quotient because legislative quotes deem me as quota when will my opinion count when will I be heard when will I be more than count living inside of this herd how can I live to take power from words when now I live to empower through words how can I live up, yet kicked down how can I not give up once let down how can I impress when compressed, I'm depressed how can I impress when depressed living suppressed in pursuit of success under a title that sees me as much less yet still striving through too much stress where was I going with this? so many questions only exist because most answers never satisfy so many answers only commit to temporarily gratify is my voice any lesser because I exist inside of my wrongs is my voice any more impactful for those that long packed away their past is my voice any more aggressive for those too passive to feel strong is my voice any less absent since I'm just a post away from being in the past I live in distance with the promising hope of love I live caged in yet my promise only peeked hope from me opening up I live in the connections garnered as a con, so my fall is a pro maybe you can live more in your pains because in them we're learning to grow you can find that the answers are in the questions you ask questioning instead of accepting helps you become more than a past, the past, and your past and with that, my last question asked when will I start seeing my wounds as just scars, and not what I feel you see them as (a large gaping gash)