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Alone within the darkest hollow he retreated darkness enveloped his now inside and out, his light likened to coal while blinds draping the windows of his soul, shut tight there, dawned a blacker abyss a decrepit contrast littering this deathly fog imagination, colored as a gothic reflection of deep cave dwellings absent glow from distant moon and stars sound as black as the upside down bodies of winged shadows their screeches invading his senses everything there- as he remembered, yet not only aware of self- rewarded by that privileged knowledge since he has stood stranger to company far too long ignorant his place and fit gestures and mannerisms foreign etiquette and norms alien gab and humor absent the conjured echoes-haunting a mystifying black ambiance he embraces swallowing his last bit of resistance his taste-a dried out well he smells the void touches nothing and feels it all best friend to loneliness kin to darkness married to space he finds life and now thrives in the hole harmony within his new habitat