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Stereotypes And Stereo Size(SASS)

Who cares that my people love chicken and grape drink, everyone does don't they? And who cares how big my stereo is and how loud I play my music, maybe I'm drowning something out, escaping something too loud to be deafened, such as the reality of being black! What's freedom without preference? Today some people will celebrate ignorantly a tradition of independence, yet again another holiday to blot the poisons of this country's past, still not properly dealt with. Others, will most likely celebrate too, pretending that they are truly apart of this country and its independence, feigning freedom, though this is where our families can come together, escaping eat work live and survival by sacrifice livelihoods within bleak and deadly neighborhoods. Some may truly embrace the booming sounds and bright lights spectacled today, while others may be too traumatized by the booms and blasts, unsure if they should duct or relax and just enjoy the illusion of peace and respite in a holiday. How can today be celebrated with gusto, yet our first openly authoritarian and racist president in my lifetime isn't protested with just as much fury for the same reason this country celebrating the independence from tyranny and control but Britain, just to justly tyrannize exploit and control the colored portions of its own people. What our country is able to get away with is only a reflection of a truth in about our nation. If the voices against a racially biased charged oppressive system are the minority in comparison to those that are apathetic or unphased by the injustices, than I can question also, is that also why our troops fight, is this patriotism? Do they fight for a for-profit based government, a racist narcissistic authoritarian president, and laws that keep the poor criminalized with the massive wealth disproportions? If so, then why get bent out of shape for a simple knee in silence and protests to these injustices, what have you done? I don't know, I'm black right? i resign to loud music, grape soda, and chicken instead of politics. I'll just shut up and swallow watermelons today, mmm, to..hmm? I mean everyone else is hypersensitive for every reason but a good one. Happy 4th! American Holidays are Hollowdays in meaning to black people

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