Still, he did his time

He did his time, sitting in place travelling only in his mind finding his spot, he sat daily, and there he was, and in that place he began taking in the scenery listening to the many voices, until peace became his sound viewing the same routines same movements-different bodies, faces he sat there, watching absorbing the elements- regardless the weather, because this was his routine, there, he remained still but he escaped into the vast highways of his mind learning more of himself or maybe regretting what became of himself despite the crashing of thoughts and emotions trying to decipher which was what stoically his demeanor prevailed never letting on a show of contemplation nor contention solemn, tranquil, still he'd smile laugh talk then, silence vanishing within his mind insurrecting to an uncrowded place there's only him nothing can be, without his ascent and as he sat and sat and sat he became and remained free free for the moment (...yard closed!) until now so he got up but we all knew he'd be right back that's how he did his time, still and still, he did his time his name was Mr.E


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