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Stop Running

Russell stop running from all of those voices that's paranoia those are your choices I know when you're swallowing pride- it hits your throat like swallowing oysters just tilt your head up like starring up at a Sequoia now you can shorten the taste of each portion but what's more important- your hoard full of noises? cerebral enforcements? that evil that torches, the people you fortress, away from your choices? or is it.. all the will power you morph, into your own forces, like a million horses, that drives like a Porsche? because life is a course! some paths will be straight, and some roads will be coarse- what will you endorse? the game that you married, or the old ways that you divorced? you have to hop off the porch, and carry the torch! you have to seize this moment!- and take all the skeletons out of your closet and put them on top of the elephant inside the room! because if you want it, you have to put it all out in the open! and force them to see and accept you! all money is residue- from everything that you gain in this life if you bet on You! Remember?! all of those voices that messed with you, echoed you, you tried to Hyde, but they Jekyll'd you?! Remember? all them that questioned you heckled you stepped on you spit on you fed on you said "you could try", but doubted you'd execute said that "you'll fall", and "you're gon' need an extra 'schute'" because they aren't catching you Remember?! right here in this prison, starring straight out of the vestibule- onto the yard, looking at walking dead vegetables?- mindless and edible you knew right THEN that you'd Right every wrong, make it legible Russ, you gotta wake up for real! even if you gotta bite your own tongue just to taste something real!