SuProsd2B-A-Con - Coming on too strong?

Ok, who made this rule of coming on too strong? I mean, I know there is a limit, but why should a person suppress how they really feel, or what they really believe and/or want? If love at first sight isn't taboo, how then is coming on too strong? I don't understand, we rather people lie to us and hear their truth on a later date when it better suits you? Who sets these paradigms of required time before this or that? No, No Con-that! I feel that genuine and unapologetically raw honesty, with of course a conscious reverence of the other persons feelings in terms of respect, is more real than some quietly accepted social etiquette of denying emotions. Passion, in some views, has been tarnished and dismissed as being too much too fast. I whether wear you down with my truth so you come along to accept it, then to wait later on shaky waters wondering if the full me is enough or too much. If you leave early, then you'd have left eventually, because why would I want to entertain anyone that couldn't fully appreciate and accept me? This may come as no surprise, but I've scared away my share of people, but I was just shown faster their staying power, and see the real people in my life. I am able to cherish them all more and separate the shallow surface serpents. So being yourself really has no drawbacks, you just find out the truth faster than normal. I prefer to live fast-paced anyway, chance makes champions! I wear me on one sleeve and my heart on the other.

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