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SuProsd2B-A-Con- women are mutants

OK, time us men admit that women are mutants! I'm educating myself in prison because I have no life and nowhere to go, but increasing my knowledge gets depressing at times! My dumbass decided to try better understanding women by studying the Female brain. They've biologically out progressed us men! Their brains mature 2 years earlier and have 11% more neurons and our brains shrink faster with age than theirs! Have you ever wondered why women remember Everything?! Every fight, date, word, romantic encounter/tryst, tender moment, promise, caveat etc and us men get blind-sided because we never remember what we thought was over with! Nope! NO NOO! They won't let you forget it because they can't! The hippocampus, the hub for memory, emotion and learning, is much larger and more active in the woman's brain, including their circuitry for language and observing emotions in others, aka she see's through you bro! Chances are she ignores it, dismissing you as primitive, but necessary, saying "boys will be boys" ahh they pity us! So don't do it! Because she won't forget about it! Don't forget about it, because she'll make you remember! Ahhh! We-nev-er-had-a-chancceee! You're not clever bro, this is science, this is evolutional advantage at its best! Just repent and change, we beat!...we are beat :'(  Honor thy woman, or else, because that scorn ain't no joke!