SuProsed To Be A Con: Perception, Perseverance, Pursuit, Perfection, and Per diem

They say a cat has 9 lives, to me that's an axiom for perseverance, stand lively after each fall. What purrs perimeters your life? What do you keep working towards, fighting for? What is the root of your pursuit? How do you view tomorrow and what value do you put in the moments you have until you get there? What is your definition of perfect? What impact do you want to leave behind? Are you on the right road to get to where you ultimately want to be? What is your value on time, and how well do you juggle it throughout the week, or do you believe you have enough time to relax? Presently I'm in a 10x10 cell on a top bunk during a 10:30am lockdown for count, prison, but I made my own prison way before this structure. Yet, I honestly needed to be here to get where I have to go. I lived by the day (per diem), chasing (pursuit) what I believed (perception) to be ideal (perfection) opportunities worth my fight (perseverance). Perception is reality, but we have to do moment-to-moment perception checks in order to see how we view each circumstance and situation, to be sure that they are in tune with our goals. I just lived by the day, uncaring of the next moment, as long as I got pleasure out of it in some way, but it coated an underlying anger and emptiness within me. My perception gps'd my destination..14-20years behind bars, an absent father of two sons and big brother of 3 siblings. Every action and consequence we believe we can handle is still flawed, because the variable missing are those whom are also affected by our decisions. My lifestyle and choices had countless victims. But my 24/7 became a revolving reality check, I had to change my perception. Realizing I need to live and think beyond per diem, I need to pursue depth, not flawed ideas of perfection, because nothing great comes without scars. We all have a story, and obtaining anything worth your energy needs a 'knowing perseverance'. That is, to understand those things and people you give and take time from in order to make the most of your own promise and promise to self. In doing so, you will do more for those in wake of your sacrifices. The example in how you live, leaves deeper impressions than materials and physical-ness. Empower by taking power. Lead by accepting the rough terrain travelled while following. And bask in every set back, because in that mud lies an opportunity ready to bloom specifically for you, it could be that tears are the very spring producing its growth. Potential, is the mastering of gifts, talents and opportunities. Purpose isn't displayed in a map, it is the map, where dirt roads are traversed, not avoided. Coordinate your purrs, because you have enough life, even when you feel deprived, desolate, daunted and destroyed, to get back up and persevere, pursue beyond per diem, sharpen your perception and be ok not being perfect. Place value on your life, live up to your own expectations, not the world's, flawed loves or loved ones. Because often others will try to live through you, but you only have your own 9lives to live, no one else's. It took prison for me to be woke, what is or was your wakeup call? Don't forget it! Let it fuel you! Don't wait for a big mistake, value each lively stand after each fall, because winter will arrive soon after. Don't use house money, time is limited, see the warning signs. You will see what you choose to, don't forget your past, but forgive it, by understanding your path. Reality is a matter of perception, open your mind, heart and eyes. Perception, falls are as we perceive them, 9lives are really just one, because a cat always lands on it's feet, so for you, it may simply just be a matter of looking down to see that you are still standing soundly on your feet, and never really fell -WayOfLife-


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