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SuProsed2B-A-Con: You will remember me!

When I was young my uncle told me I will write a book one day, that I have a story to tell. Just the other day, I received a written comment on a speech I gave that said "you will be paid to speak on stage one day". I knew my life was tough, but I couldn't see the story, I didn't dig crying about my life nor telling my business. Now I see that it's about empowering others whom may see themselves in our stories. I've even found healing in it. So I guess he was prophetic in a sense, but I needed this captivity, I say that a lot, but I've been able to observe the necessity of my downfalls and shortcomings. The accomplishments and the work put in by some of the greatest athletes, entertainers and other historic personalities all have had storied times of struggle that they overcame. I know what I want and what it will take to get there. My mistakes are my masterpieces yet to be finalized and framed. My potential and promise seem like they've been divinely interwoven and set about ripple effects that formed a tidal wave of strength, perseverance, and interpersonal insight. I was recently told to not let the words felon, convict or any other negativity define who I am or what I can be. My struggles have bloomed experience and wisdom which enables me to be/do better. I've also became more cultured. I see my story and pursuit as a platform, and being short I can admit one thing, I crave anything that'll make me taller, because once you see me, you will remember me! I fought exhaustion for awhile going through trials, expended energy was morally indigent, feigned innocence, the emblem above my engine symboled 'limitless' so never let your memory dismember me my path is kinetic, prophetic, eclectic, a legend embedded feasted on my past, don't forget it, learned from it, I don't regret it I'll do more with less where I'm headed, I've said it, you Will remember me!