society. what society?! with so's not souls, apathetic sigh's, and no piety I ask, what are we? are we, a we? are we humane? or separated by our hue, and what we deem the worth of a man? what are prisoners? are we animals or people? what of our lives? are we of any internal value or just commodities? what makes us humans? what of the humans stored away like masses of meat? what are they? more or less a human being? what is their separating line of worth? and what of prisons? what shall we call them? hulling in more than sent away. I don't know times have changed and change has evolved with time not necessarily for the best certain things have worsened, yet carry the same name first attributed them maybe we should reevaluate the things we name and attach a more appropriate title like, society is now tribal prisons are now early coffins humans have become savages humane is now an act of savagery for the good of "unnatural" selection so I am a savage, forced from my tribe by other savages, then savagely thrown in a coffin before my time peer beyond the veil of everything you know and name then call it what it is

#savage #humane #prison #society


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