Valentine's Day 2020

here we are on this one day of love which I believe is irony because since knowing you every day has been love but somehow I have to do the impossible by culminating what feels like eternity into one day but that's just it all we have all we ever had was one day and then that day however slow or fast blended into the next day and still there we were and here we are with all there is and all we have in this one day carrying the weight of the universe which we've somehow fit into one word called Love simplicity is a delicacy I believed too complicated to journey this vast day that we conclude into a life at its end even now I fumble when less words are needed because how can I capture effect and all its grandeur in my limited lexicon I don't know the words that exist but I know that love lives and I just figured it out things I see, exist but things I feel, live your love gives me life and this life is worth living because I feel I know I have your love the only purpose worth spelling with just four letters Happy Valentines Day--I Live, I Love You -- Roses are Red Violets are Blue but I have more than just colors and flowers for you Roses may turn their nose up at me and Violets may speak truth to my mood every now and then but no one flower or bouquet for that matter can properly present to you the gift that I have nor can it symbolize the beauty it withholds because flowers, though gorgeous they wilt then die but what I have, what I hold and what I bear is promise, it's sacred its eternal and its yours with this life and space we share and inhabit with others I got you a priceless gift I took time to let it mature so I can unwrap it for you in the right season and what better time than now Here's my Heart Here's my Soul Here's my Love all in one engraved beyond the clouds from the star crowded galaxy of eternity Roses are Red Violets are Blue but I have more than just colors and flowers for you -- the first time I heard you say you loved me my eyes watered, like young flowers in hungry soil there first time I realized I loved you my heart tightened, like a baby's hand around your finger and still, you yet to lose your grip on my heart my chest constricts and my belly flutters like in a free fall down a mighty rollercoaster and every word I try to pronounce exits my mouth like a breathless scream I realized something my whole life, I've searched diligently for a cause but the real wonder has been in the bliss of your effect ever since the first time... -- I knew I loved you because you know when that one special thing happens and you know exactly where you were how you felt and the exact lay out of the scene? well, one time I closed my eyes and I damn near jumped thinking I'd lost control of my faculties so I kept closing and opening my eyes and nothing changed then I realized nothing was wrong you had just imprinted on me so deeply that even when my eyes were shut you didn't go anywhere you were right there like live wallpaper at the back of my eyelids I still saw you as vivid as before and I knew then you were both dream and reality to which there was no escape and I finally welcomed sleep just as much as I welcomed waking up to you right there -- we have so many distractions in the world its nice to be centered back on love to decompress and focus on the more important things calming my monkey mind but I try to look at you and stay present stay in the moment and sometimes the moment overwhelms me because you have so so soooo many distractions -- I felt married when I met you knowing I'd give in to your heart and give up on chasing others then, when I married you I felt fated believing I knew God in that instant being placed exactly where His plan had led me I prayed this prayer so many times and now, I had finally been granted it sweet, sweet serenity -- after so many years word lose their glamour and memories start to infringe upon one another but feel, oh the feel it never loses its touch your being your essence your spirit is like rose pedals or finger tips slightly tracing the surface of my flesh giving rise to my pulse dilating my eyes and setting chills to the back of my neck like the wind whispering intimate secrets at my ears after so many years I'm not numb I'm still young and ripe like fresh picked grapes from a vineyard awaiting to be a part of the story of an aging wine after all these years I still don't know enough and the only way I believe l can tell you that I love you is to still explore your vastness as hungry to know even more of you as I was just to know you -- I don't dance but the things that I'd try for you I can't sing but the things I'd try for you I can't cook but the things I'll do for you I don't clean but the things you make me do! -- teddy bears? check! roses? check! chocolates check! grapes? check! wine? check! skittles? check! and umm... an all expense paid trip away for a night at a Holiday Inn! check! Happy Valentines Day! -- I figure a great way to teach our kids about where they came from, the birds and the bees and love! is to explain to them the importance of Valentine's Day because without it, they wouldn't exist Happy Valentines Day


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