Twinkle twinkle lonely star I wonder... if alone are you still hot enough to warm the cold space that surrounds you? do you affect your environment or like us mortal, just consumed by it? for we only see the luster of your exterior like each other aware of your chemistry we act as if your composition is solely elemental is their life in you a destiny a humanity calling out within your celestial nature, are you made to shine within a whole or apart and alone heating the cold because you rarely stand out stars so far from you, shine and seem so close ironic.. how it can seem so crowded up there and its anything but maybe sad even seeing so many but knowing no one disconnected aware of what makes you the same though distance is difference just like people those closest shine brightest but you still wonder about the others out there do they feel like you.. maybe we're the same you and I never truly alone though we feel it finding our way being stuck in place and somehow we still stand out or shine, so to speak seen for what we offer a small light thru the sucking darkness twinkle twinkle I no longer wonder


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